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Enabling a Smart Retail Future with Posiflex O2O Solutions Presented at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2023


Enabling a Smart Retail Future with Posiflex O2O Solutions Presented at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2023

The world's leading POS supplier will showcase its latest innovation in POS terminals and self-service Kiosks, with live demonstration of Smart O2O solutions.

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Date: 2023/5/23


Posiflex Technology, one of the world's top 5 suppliers of Point of Sale (POS) terminals and a leading enabler of Online to Offline (O2O) solutions, will bring its best-of-breed POS terminals, Kiosks and peripherals to the upcoming COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2023, Asia's largest computer trade fair, which brings together the world's most influential electronic industry ecosystem. In addition to presenting some of its latest hardware innovation, Posiflex will also showcase how such innovations are tailored into O2O solutions through seamless software integration that enable Smart Retail/Smart City a reality.


O2O Experience Area: Demonstration of business operations across online/offline boundaries

For this year's COMPUTEX TAIPEI, Posiflex features an O2O experience area where visitors can experience some of the company's Kiosk machines, for example, try out the hotel check-in Kiosk to see how to check in and out using a self-service process. Visitors can also use a restaurant Kiosk to print a voucher for a free cup of coffee from the booth's bar counter. A launderette software demo is also available to show how Kiosks can streamline the process and enhance consumer experiences.


Smart O2O Solution Video at COMPUTEX TAIPEI (updated on 2023.05.30)


Haydn ZT Series: The industry's first clamshell POS terminal

Posiflex will highlight its latest Haydn ZT Series POS terminal in its Star Product Area, which features the industry's first clamshell design. With the patented clamshell design, the Haydn ZT Series has a display housing that can easily open and close with one-touch button. The “hood-like” design offers an unprecedentedly convenient and efficient maintenance experience. With the Haydn ZT Series, maintenance speed can be four times faster than that of conventional terminal design. This innovation shall benefit store operators by reducing a lot of the churn rate arising out of unexpected breakdown.


ZT Series Introduction Video at COMPUTEX TAIPEI (updated on 2023.05.30)


Gen9: A POS base with an integrated POS printer

Posiflex's new generation POS base, Gen9, features an all-in-one design that integrates a POS printer inside and uses hidden I/O and a hidden power supply to provide a stylish look and a clutter-free countertop, particularly valuable in space-constrained and aesthetically demanding retail locations.


HK-2100 Series: A dedicated hospitality Kiosk

In addition to POS terminals and peripherals, Posiflex will showcase various kiosks at the exhibition. This includes the HK-2100 series, a self-service hotel check-in/check-out kiosk designed to assist hospitality applications in reducing queues and enhancing customer satisfaction.

The Kiosk features an integrated dispenser that allows guests to pick up a physical room key card from the machine and return it when checking out. Additionally, a built-in scanner is capable of reading visitors' ID cards or passports to verify personal identity by enabling a smart O2O (Online to Offline) solution that seamlessly integrates online and offline business processes.


HK-2100 Series Introduction Video at COMPUTEX TAIPEI (updated on 2023.05.30)


Smart Healthcare with AI & Self-Service Solutions

Posiflex partners with its subsidiary company  "Medwel", a specialist provider of intelligent AI medical solutions, which will present a range of its Medial AI solutions, including a self-check-in Kiosk for hospitals.

“Since its founding in 1984, Posiflex has grown from a manufacturer of POS terminals and peripherals to a complete Commercial IoT solution provider and a competent O2O enabler, from a small company that first took root in New Taipei City to a top 5 player in the world with a strong presence in many countries and markets. We have evolved from the pre-PC era to a new era driven by AIoT, autonomous technology, and edge computing. We have responded to the changes and led some of them. The only thing that has not changed is that we have always put the benefits and interests of our customers first," said Owen Chen, President and CEO of POSIFLEX Group.

To learn more about Posiflex, please visit its booth at K0808/Hall1, Nangang Exhibition Centre at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2023 from 30 May to 2 June.


About POSIFLEX Group

Posiflex Group is a global Commercial Internet of Things (CIoT) pioneer dedicated to providing full suites of smart O2O and embedded solutions. The Group is pillared by three strategic divisions—Posiflex Technology, Portwell Inc. and US-based KIOSK Information Systems (KIS), with relentless solution focus on the design, manufacturing, and managed services of POS, embedded IPC and self-service Kiosks, respectively, and a common ambition in pursuing a brave new world of phygital commerce.


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