Investor Relations

Corporate Governance

Board of Directors and Supervisors

Internal audits have been conducted to assist the Board of Directors and company managers in checking and reviewing deficiencies in internal control systems, measuring operational effectiveness and efficiency, and promptly providing improvement recommendations to ensure that the internal control system may continue to be effectively implemented and to serve as a reference for reviewing and correcting the internal control systems. At POSIFLEX, two internal auditors report directly to the Board as specified in the Regulations Governing Establishment of Internal Control Systems by Public Companies. Appropriate and suitable numbers of full-time internal auditors are appointed according to company scale, business conditions, management requirements, and other relevant laws and regulations.

Internal Audit

The objective of establishing and implementing internal control systems is to facilitate sound company management, reasonably ensure operational effectiveness and efficiency, produce reliable financial reports, and adhere to relevant laws and regulations. The auditing office is mainly responsible for:

  • Stipulating company's auditing policies, formulating and executing annual auditing plans, and executing project audits.
  • Auditing each unit's execution of internal control systems, proposing improvement recommendations, and tracking deficiencies.
  • Periodically reporting the execution conditions of audit operations to the Board of Directors
  • Disclosing and filing information according to laws and regulations