Investor Relations


Shares of Posiflex Technology Inc. were listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (“TWSE”) on November 26th, 2012.

Shares of Posiflex Technology Inc. were listed on the Taipei Exchange (“TPEX”) on July 20th 2005. Stock Code: 8114

The fiscal year end of Posiflex Technology Inc. is December 31.

The dividends policy, which is in line with the current and future operations development plan, takes into account the investment environment, capital requirements, the best capital expenditure budget, the competitive situation at both the domestic and international levels, and the interests of shareholders. The minimum amount of dividends should be least 60% of the remaining profit.
The Articles also provide that profit may be distributed by way of cash dividends and/or share dividends, provided, however, that the ratio for cash dividends does not less than 25% of the total distribution.

In connection with the stock dividend to be distributed to common shareholders, no fractional common shares will be issued, either. However, holders of Posiflex Technology Inc. common shares listed and traded on the Taiwan Stock Exchange may arrange for pooling together their fractional share entitlements to form one share and register such pooling in connection with the stock dividend. For the fractional shares which can not be pooled, the distribution will be made in cash in dollar amount calculated at par value.

1. Within three months after the close of each fiscal year, publicly announce and register with the Competent Authority financial reports duly audited and attested by a certified public accountant, approved by the board of directors, and recognized by the supervisors.

2. Within 45 days after the end of the first, second, and third quarters of each fiscal year publicly announce and register with the Competent Authority financial reports duly reviewed by a certified public accountant and reported to the board of directors.

Posiflex Technology Inc.'s transfer agent is Yuanta Securities Co. Ltd. (Stock Transfer and Registrar Department). Any securities related operation such as, stock settlement, stock/cash dividends, address update, lost announcement, setting/cancelling pledges, chops update etc., please contact Yuanta Securities in Taiwan at 886-2-2586-5859 or send information to B1F., No.210, Sec. 3, Chengde Rd. Datong Dist., Taipei City 10366 Taiwan (R.O.C.)